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Stamps and First Day Cover

Philately is a dying (better said as dead) hobby that was my feeling for last 10/15 years. During my college days and early service period I was an avid collector and had visited lo to auction houses at Calcutta , to find some interesting items. Somewhere in 2004 or 2005 I went to the only stamp dealer in Moti Seal Street, Calcutta,  to dispose my collection of first day covers, totaling about 70. I was offered a measly sum of one rupee per envelop, and that too as if he was giving me a princely sum. Time went by., Suddenly with the help of computer and the different cataloging and auctioning sites I could dispose four FDC at a sum of INR 450/-. There is also some enquiry about the used loose stamps lying in my stock. it proves that the hobby is again getting its due interests. Though now the Countries tried to flood th market with the commemorative stamps, causing reduction of values. It is also proved that unless the stamps or covers are at least 50 years old, it does not mature in its value. I am putting my stock gradually in e-bay and OLX and Quikr sites for sale. Any one interested in collection of stamps may contact me for their requirements. I supply under paypal or paisapay account so there is no question of non-delivery.

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